The aesthetic at Softwinds of Trade is 'wabi sabi' – a wonderful Japanese expression loosely translated as the 'beauty in imperfection'. This is the joy of the handmade. We love to see the small imperfections in the hand woven, painted, or sewn that allows us to imagine and connect with the person that made our special piece!

From our hands to yours

At Softwinds of Trade we favour the slow movement of trade from one hand to another over the strong winds of globalisation that bring with it the mass production of fabrics and handicrafts most often times made under less than ideal working conditions.

Softwinds of Trade sources its products both directly from the person who made them and by supporting local social enterprises that are either accredited 'Fair Trade' or ethically sourced to our standards, thereby opening up alternative market linkages and opportunities. By sourcing in a variety of ways we can ensure more producers are paid a fair wage for their product.